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Monitoring the level of air, water and sediment pollution in ports

Problématique : Placé au cœur de la chaîne logistique globale et point de passage incontournable de la quasi-totalité des échanges extérieurs du Royaume, le secteur des ports joue un rôle de premier plan en tant qu’outil favorisant le développement du commerce extérieur et comme locomotive de développement économique et social du pays. Néanmoins, les ports marocains…

The fluidification of truck flows

Context : The port of Casablanca is a multi-purpose port where several types of goods are processed, which generates a multitude of flows within the port enclosure and a complexity of monitoring and global traceability of these flows. Thus, a large number of trucks transit every day, up to 11,000 trucks. The optimization of these…

Reduced waiting times for ships in the harbor

Context: The waiting time of the ship in the harbor corresponds to the time between the arrival of the ship in the harbor and the berthing at the quay. This is unproductive time that can be caused by port causes (occupied docks) or extra-port causes (bad weather, documents, etc.). The waiting time for ships in…

Facilitation of foreign trade processes

Facilitation of foreign trade processesFacilitation of foreign trade processesBackground: The overall volume of containers transported to Morocco continues to increase to meet the demand of companies and the Moroccan market. Container dwell time is an important indicator for companies that perform import and export operations because it impacts the overall performance of business processes. with…

Dynamic truck weighing

How to encourage users to adopt electronic payment? What tools should be put in place to ensure a smooth and secure experience? What is the strategy for promoting the port services payment platform?