Facilitation of foreign trade processesFacilitation of foreign trade processesBackground:

The overall volume of containers transported to Morocco continues to increase to meet the demand of companies and the Moroccan market. Container dwell time is an important indicator for companies that perform import and export operations because it impacts the overall performance of business processes. with significant variations from 1 to 20 days depending on logistical and administrative constraints. This period includes all port, logistics and administrative interventions: Goods control, handling, invoicing & payment.


Reduce Dwell Time Uncertainty:

Optimization of control processes in port enclosures;
Optimization of port terminal logistics processes;
Optimization of invoicing & payment processes.

Desired deliverable:

Solution based on Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics to improve the processing of containerized imports and exports in order to reduce the uncertainty of the dwell time, improve prediction, synchronization between administrative procedures and port logistics and traceability of operations .