The waiting time of the ship in the harbor corresponds to the time between the arrival of the ship in the harbor and the berthing at the quay. This is unproductive time that can be caused by port causes (occupied docks) or extra-port causes (bad weather, documents, etc.).

The waiting time for ships in the harbor has a direct impact on competitiveness and economic performance.

The waiting time in the harbor is an indicator of port operation constantly monitored by the National Port Agency, in particular through the observer of the competitiveness of Moroccan ports.

With this in mind, the Agency presents this challenge to collect innovative projects and ideas capable of reducing and controlling this delay for ships in the harbour.


  • The massive arrival of ships in the harbor following tax incentives or economic conditions;
  • The complexity of the formalities of the control bodies;
  • Vessels that are not ready to work: Non-availability of prerequisites in terms of logistics or formalities & documents, Non-availability of goods for export; Non-payment of freight,
  • Bulk traffic is most affected by this queuing issue;
  • The nautical conditions for access to the port are sometimes unfavorable;
  • Provide ideas to better facilitate export procedures


Reducing this delay will contribute to:

  • Improving the competitiveness of ports and the conditions for the passage of goods;
  • Control of charges to be paid by stakeholders (Demurrage, etc.);
  • Knowledge of the forecast duration per anchorage per port;
  • Improved quay availability per port;